Be Certain Sooner 



Biological Indicator (BI) / Process Challenge Device (PCD)

Sterility assurance in just 15 minutes.


Always ready under pressure

Enhance compliance to reprocessing guidelines.

Use a Process Challenge Device in every cycle

Reduce infection risks by releasing your instrument load in just 15'

15 minutes allows you to release your load only after you have received the Bl outcome and not before, meeting the requirements of demanding OR schedules.

More and more global standards** recommend using biological indicators in every cycle to ensure necessary conditions are met to achieve sterilization. Combined with parametric release and IMS, challenging the sterilization process in every cycle creates the ultimate possible control currently available in Low Temperature Sterilization.

Biological Indicators and Process Challenge Devices represent different levels of challenge in the sterilization process. Biological Indicators are intended to demonstrate whether the conditions were adequate
to achieve sterilization.

*Fastest BI/PCD currently marketed for STERRAD Sterilization Systems.  15 or 30 minutes to result dependent on the software version on the STERRAD Velocity Reader. 15 minutes to result for SW version 1139260410 or greater; 30 minutes to result for SW version 1139260317 or below.
 † Automated integration of information requires connection to ASP ACCESS™ Technology 

†† Comparison to Steris® Celerity™ HP 20 (20 mins) and 3M™ Attest™ (24 mins). 
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Important information: Prior to use, refer to the instructions for use supplied with this device for indications, contraindications, side effects, warnings and precautions. 

With the advantages of the fluoresence technology utilized by ASP, releasing an instrument load with safety has been made fast and efficient! 

The rapid STERRAD VELOCITY™ Biological Indicator / PCD allows you to:

The STERRAD VELOCITY™ BI System / PCD is fully validated with STERRADTM Systems and ensures only devices with assured sterility reach the patient, helping to minimise the risk of HAI.

The only all-in-one PCD for use in STERRAD™  Systems that meets AAMI guidelines and other global standards* and provides sterility assurance by providing a resistance greater than the worst case hospital loads.



Automated correlation  of STERRAD cycle and BI records remotely accessible

Compliance made simple. Automated record keeping allows CSSDs to demonstrate process compliance and audit readiness, anytime, reducing the risk of liability.

Easy to Use

With integrated scanner and connecting printer, enabling quick & easy BI processing & documentation.




Process Challenge Devices provide a challenge to the sterilization process that
is equal to or greater than the worst-case medical device loads routinely processed. BIs, in general, do not have the requirement to represent worst-case devices per ISO 11138 and FDA guidance.

Now, STERRAD VELOCITY™ is both a Biological Indicator as well as a Process Challenge Device, elevating the sterilization process monitoring standard

Now, STERRAD VELOCITY™ is both a Biological Indicator as well as a Process Challenge Device, elevating the sterilization process monitoring standard

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The STERRAD CYCLESURETM Biological Indicator is discontinued since August 2020.

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